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"The shattering ensued; a war that wrought only darkness. The Elden Ring was broken, but by whom? And why?"

, Lunar Princess Ranni

The Shattering was a cataclysmic event that occurred in the Lands Between involving the shattering of the Elden Ring and the events that followed.


The Shattering, while seemingly a one night catastrophe, is a complex series of events that were triggered by the destruction of the Elden Ring.

The first event was the breaking of the Ring itself. The Ring was broken by Queen Marika the Eternal after the death of her son Godwyn. By destroying the Elden Ring, which acted as a connection to both the Greater Will and the Golden Order, she hoped to break the laws between life and death, and have him resurrected. Radagon, masculine aspect and King-consort to the Queen, simultaneously attempted to repair the ring as it shattered, but failed.

As the Elden Ring was destroyed, so was its connection to the Greater Will. No longer able - or perhaps willing - to interact with the Lands Between, the Greater Will abandoned the Lands. It imprisoned Marika and Radagon in both the Erdtree and their shared form, leaving them to be trapped until they are eventually freed during playthrough by the Tarnished, who is called by the Greater Will to restore the Elden Ring.

With the ring destroyed and the Greater Will gone, war befalls the Lands Between. The third and final event of the Shattering is the great battle between the Demigod children of Marika and Radagon. Their struggle for possession of the Great Runes resulted in great bloodshed between the many opposing forces that took part in the war.


  1. As a consequence of the Shattering, the Greater Will's influence on the Lands Between was greatly diminished.[1]