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An Outer God is a celestial entity comparable to a deity. Multiple Outer Gods are known to exist, each with their own favored qualities and inscrutable goals in the Lands Between.

List of Outer Gods

Greater Will

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The Greater Will is the Outer God of order. It instilled order in the Lands Between by creating the Elden Ring, which it bestowed on Queen Marika the Eternal. It also gifted its grace to the people of the Lands Between via the Erdtree. As such, the Greater Will is commonly worshipped as a deity, and worship of any other Outer God is considered blasphemy. During the Shattering, the Greater Will turned its back on the Lands Between.

The Two Fingers are the corporeal agents of the Greater Will.

Frenzied Flame

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The Frenzied Flame is the Outer God of chaos. It possesses an unquenchable hatred of order and seeks to destroy the Lands Between so they can be returned to their primal, chaotic state. To this end, it seeks a champion among the Tarnished who will burn the Erdtree with its flames.

The Three Fingers are the corporeal agents of the Frenzied Flame.

Formless Mother

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The Formless Mother is the Outer God of wounds. One of its adherents is Mohg, Lord of Blood.

Goddess of Rot

An Outer God of Rot which according to legend was sealed away by a blind swordsman. Malenia's rot is a curse sent by the Goddess and only unalloyed gold, capable of resisting the influence of Outer Gods, is able to keep it at bay.

God of the Deathbirds

An Outer God served by the Twinbird, who is in turn the mother of all Deathbirds.