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Mt. Gelmir, which houses the Volcano Manor at its summit, is characterized by sheer cliffs and ominous skies. These qualities only became more pronounced after the Shattering.

Mt. Gelmir is a sub-region located in Altus Plateau.


A volcano in western Altus Plateau, which houses the Volcano Manor at its summit. It is characterised by sheer cliffs and ominous skies; qualities which grew more pronounced in the wake of The Shattering.

The dried-up Seethewater River runs along the base of the volcano, with geysers that spew jets of boiling water. The river terminates on the west side, near Fort Laiedd where the forces of Leyndell are locked in conflict with the Fire Monks. The Hermit Village, inhabited by Demi-Humans and Glintstone Sorcerers, sits on the south-eastern edge of the volcano. Primeval Sorcerer Azur, one of the founding Glintstone Sorcerers, settled near the village after his banishment from the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Mt. Gelmir was the site of the most horrendous conflict of the Shattering, which has left scars that can still be found. Ruined campsites litter the cliffsides. Some Leyndell Soldiers remain, driven to frenzy by the horrors they saw.

The Volcano Manor, which sits atop the mountain, is the home of the Demigod Praetor Rykard, who once led a company of inquisitors. After the Elden Ring was broken, Rykard fed himself to the blasphemous serpent, Great Rune and all, in defiance of the gods. His knights abandoned him when his noble ambitions were reduced to gluttony and depravity, yet his consort, Tanith, remained by his side. Rykard is now served by the Recusants; a band of Tarnished who hunt their own kind.





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