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Welcome, Future Wiki Contributor!

Please make sure you also familiarise yourself with the Editing Guidelines and To Do!

You are encouraged to join the Wiki Discord where contributors of the Wiki have a better line of communication.

In order to combat certain problems, these rules have been established.

Users whose behaviour does not meet the standards of the wiki may receive a warning. If problems with the user persist, they may have their editing right revoked, be suspended, or even banned, depending on the severity of the issues.

Not knowing the rules will not make you exempt from punishment.

Our Purpose

We want the wiki to be well-known for being the best place to come for information about Elden Ring. Our aim is to maintain the wiki with a clear focus of providing reliable and fact-checked information about the content of the games.

What the Wiki isn't

  • Not a fan content site: the Elden Ring wiki does not host fan fiction.
  • Not social media: the wiki is not a site where you should talk more than edit. We encourage users to socialise, but in the majority, the wiki has a heavy-duty of fixing articles.
  • Not complete: Every wiki, including this one, is never complete. There are still incomplete pages, links that have not been created and articles in need of improvement. We expect every user to contribute to the wiki to the best of their ability, where possible.

What the Wiki is

  • A place for reliable information about the contents of Elden Ring.
  • A place for meaningful discussion about Elden Ring. Low effort discussions, memes and shitposting is not welcome anywhere on the wiki.

Editing Rules

1. Registered users may receive a month ban for first offences, depending upon the severity of the vandalism and mod discretion.

1.1 Vandalism includes both the addition of objectionable items, as well as destructive deletion.
1.2 Do not leave messages in the article.
1.3 Do not include opinions in the article.
1.4 Do not leave jokes or memes in the article.

2. No edit warring. If you and another editor disagree, discuss it on a wall message thread or on the Wiki Discord.

3. No use of bots unless authorised by an admin.

4. Do your best to use proper spelling and grammar when editing. Please refer to the terminology section of the editing guidelines for reference.

5. If you are unsure if something should be added to the wiki, post it in the comments first or address it on the Wiki Discord, and let the Wiki team or community decide.

6. One editor, one account. Sockpuppetry, the act of creating one or more alternate accounts, will result in an immediate, permanent ban on all accounts.

7. Assume good faith: when someone makes an edit, assume that it was to help the wiki, not an act of vandalism. If a mistake is made, assume it was an accident, correct the edit and ask the user to be more careful next time and if applicable, show them how to work a sandbox.

7.1 If a user adds incorrect information, assume that they believe it is correct, and discuss it on their Message Wall to settle the matter. If you have information to prove the claim wrong, please present it.
7.2 If there is a disagreement, you should use talk pages to explain yourself and give others opportunity to do the same. You must work together with the rest of the community to come to a consensus on the correct content for this wiki.
7.3 Remember to be patient with newcomers. They may not know how to edit a wiki or what's supposed to be added as content.
7.4 Suspected deliberate vandalism should be reported immediately to an Administrator who can work to prevent it from happening again.

Discussions Rules

The general idea is that posts should involve more effort than just someone sharing their current progress, we're not a subreddit for "I did it" posts - so "updates" that are just for "bragging" along the lines of (hey guys i just beat X today) are something we'd like to discourage and instead encourage people to post in a manner that generates a conversation. Sharing your progress is not disallowed in and of itself.

  1. Not knowing the rules will not make you exempt from punishment.
  2. Be nice and treat people with respect. Keep discussions civil. Threads soliciting targetted harassment on any motive are strictly forbidden.
  3. Threads and posts that solicit upvotes will be deleted.
  4. Threads for bragging or venting about one's playthrough of the game without adding anything of value to the wiki are prohibited.
  5. Off-topic conversations will be deleted.
  6. Impersonation of other users will not be tolerated.
  7. Spamming, trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will lead to a ban.
  8. Posts of "First!" and similar behaviour will be removed.
  9. Jokes, memes and otherwise unhelpful discussions are not welcome on the wiki.
  10. No advertising of commissions, services or any social medias (youtube, twitch, twitter etc)
  11. Piracy is not to be advocated or otherwise encouraged on this wiki. This includes links.
  12. Fan art (including modified screenshots), OCs, roleplay and fan fictions are not allowed anywhere on the wiki.
  13. Users who repeatedly break these rules will be given a warning or may be banned.
  14. Sociopolotical material is not allowed anywhere on the wiki.

Wiki Team