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The Greater Will was the shining grace that once basked over the Lands Between and its inhabitants before the Shattering. After the Shattering, slivers of its grace may still be found in small pockets of the Lands Between.[1] The Greater Will is an "Outer God," a being of great power responsible for the creation of the Elden Ring and the Golden Order of the Erdtree.

Queen Marika the Eternal was chosen as the champion of the Greater Will and also as the Elden Ring's Vessel. With the blessing of the Greater Will, she ruled the Lands Between as its eternal queen for eons, with her male part Radagon leading her armies and spreading the Golden Order. That was until the death of her firstborn Godwyn, by the hands of Ranni and her "accomplices", when out of grief she became dissatisfied with her benefactor and chose to betray the Greater Will by shattering the Elden Ring.

It has its own will and agenda since it was the Greater Will who chose and also cursed Marika, binding her to the Elden ring. It was also responsible for the calling of the Tarnished to restore the Elden Ring.

With Radagon the last protector of the Golden Order defeated, the Greater Will sent down the Elden Beast, which is the embodiment of the Elden Ring.