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"Ahh, the Great Runes are the stuff of the Demigods; the children of the goddess, Queen Marika. She who is vessel of the Elden Ring. Tainted by the strength of their runes, her children warred, but none could become Elden Lord."

Shards of the Elden Ring

Great Runes[1] are the shards of the Elden Ring. Those in possession of them, notably the children of Queen Marika, have been bestowed exceptional power as well as mad taint.


The great Runes are the physical manifestation of the many concepts that make the Lands Between, such as "Death" and "Order". Each rune when taken out or added to the Elden ring, may produce many unforeseen consequences to reality, such as in the case with the Rune Of Death, that after its removal from the Elden Ring led to all of the inhabitants of the lands between becoming immortal.

The known Great Runes are the following: