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The Golden Order (黄金律, Ōgonritsu) is a philosophical and theological movement found in the Lands Between.


The Golden Order is the dominant set of beliefs in the Lands Between. The greatest symbols of this faith are the Elden Ring, the Erdtree, and Queen Marika the Eternal.

The Golden Order was initially created when Queen Marika the Eternal confined the Rune of Death,[1] making herself and her demigod offspring immortal.[2] It is founded on the principle that Marika is the one true god,[3] and is propagated by the Two Fingers.[4]

The Golden Order serves simultaneously as a governing principle, a religion, and a philosophy. It is shown to be capable of integrating conflicting ideologies and practices, as demonstrated by its absorption of Glintstone sorcery[5], and dragon worship (which was said not to conflict with belief in the Erdtree as the dragons' lightning was imbued with gold).[6].

Concepts that threaten to shatter the Order entirely, such as life in death, are labelled as heresy and are violently persecuted by the Golden Order.[7]

Golden Order Fundamentalism is a scholarly pursuit combining both intelligence and faith,[8] that attempts to interpret the fundamentals of the Golden Order.[9] Fundamentalism is based on two concepts: the law of regression, the pull of meaning and the yearning to converge;[10] and the law of causality, the pull between meanings which links all things in a chain of relation.[11] Among the Golden Order Fundamentalists are the hunters of Those Who Live in Death, who abandoned learning in search of an absolute evil to contend with.[12] Miquella, who once created Fundamentalist incantations to give to his father Radagon, abandoned Fundamentalism as it could not treat Malenia's rot.[13] Other notable followers of Golden Order Fundamentalism include Brother Corhyn, Goldmask, and the twins D. Hunter of the Dead and D, Beholder of Death.


  • The Japanese term ōgonritsu (黄金律, lit. "golden law") refers to the Golden Rule, the maxim of reciprocity whereby one should treat others as one would want to be treated by them ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you").


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