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"Hark, my Lord Godfrey. We commend your deeds. Guidance hath delivered ye through to each ordeal, to the place ye stand. Put the Giants to the sword, and confine the flame atop the mount. Let a new epoch begin. An epoch glistening with life. Brandish the Elden Ring, for the Age of the Erdtree!"

, Queen Marika the Eternal

Godfrey was the first Elden Lord and the first husband of Queen Marika the Eternal. He was a mortal hero of legendary prowess, but after he achieved his crowning victory, he lost the grace of the Greater Will; he was then exiled from the Lands Between and became the very first Tarnished.[1]


Godfrey was the chosen consort and first husband of Queen Marika the Eternal. Godfrey began his life as a ferocious warrior by the name of "Hoarah Loux". At some point, he encountered the nascent goddess Marika, who made him her consort and her first Elden Lord. Upon vowing to become a lord, Godfrey took the spectral Beast Regent Serosh upon his back, to suppress his ceaseless lust for battle. Godfrey would lead Marika's armies in a long campaign to defend the Erdtree and her newborn Golden Order.

Godfrey and Marika had three children together; Godwyn the Golden, and the twins, Morgott and Mohg. As Queen Marika was a goddess, the children she had with Godfrey possessed demigod status. Godwyn would become a mighty warrior like his father, and the source of the so-called "Golden Lineage", whose last descendant was Godrick the Grafted. However, Morgott and Mohg were born as accursed Omen and imprisoned deep below ground.

Godfrey led the war against the Giants, whose flame threatened the Erdtree, and faced the Storm Lord alone. But after his last worthy opponent fell, Godfrey's warrior spirit sank, the hue from his eyes faded and he lost the guidance of grace. His purpose now fulfilled, Marika exiled Godfrey and his warriors from the Lands Between, making him the first Tarnished. Marika bid them to leave the Lands Between and to fight, growing in power until they might one day return to brandish the Elden Ring once more. Godfrey led his warriors on a long march before divesting himself of kingship, becoming a simple warrior once more.

He once again became "Hoarah Loux" and became chieftain of the Badland warriors. An age after the Shattering, Godfrey returned to the Lands Between along with the other Tarnished, and sought to reclaim his old mantle as Elden Lord to restore the Golden Order. When the Erdtree was burned by a Tarnished champion, Godfrey met them before the Elden Throne, challenging them for lordship. In the process of the battle, Godfrey killed Serosh, once again unleashing his warrior's bloodlust, but it was insufficient to defeat the Tarnished champion, with Godfrey falling at their hands.

Boss fight

This boss must be fought twice. Once as a golden phantom at the Erdtree Sanctuary and then again in flesh at the Elden Throne just before the end of the game. The golden version is a powered-down introductory fight that only includes phase 1

Godfrey, First Elden Lord

Phase 1. Godfrey will usually initiate the fight by throwing his axe at you and then dashing after it.

Godfrey has a stomp attack similar to that of the Crucible Knights, causing spikes to come out of the ground that are easier to dodge by jumping than to i-frame with a roll. He will generally follow up on the spike stomp with a series of axe swings, but can do a second stomp at any time, even repeatedly.

Godfrey's primary offense will be axe swing combos. They can be dodge rolled safely and involve enough delays for you to sneak in a hit before having to dodge again.

Other than the golden version, the real one also features arena-wide shockwave stomp attacks that you need to jump over.

Defeating the golden Godfrey awards you 80,000 Runes and a Talisman Pouch.

Hoarah Loux

For phase 2, Godfrey kills his pet Lion Guardian Serosh and discards both his armor and the axe, fighting bare handed.

Phase 2 always starts with him rushing towards you with a delayed command grab. He will always briefly go into slow-motion mid-jump, which can roll-catch you. He will attempt to grab you like this multiple times over the course of phase 2. Properly rolling out of the way of it gives you one of the largest time windows to attack him out of his entire phase 2.

He will do many other grab attacks, ground-slams, leap attacks, delayed kicks and delayed stomp attacks. Panic-rolling and blocking is not recommended.

When he begins to crack the ground after a leap attack by smashing his hands into the ground, you must run away from him as far as you can, otherwise you will get blown up by an explosion that is very difficult to roll through. He often announces this attack by knocking you away from him with a roar.


  • The character Nepheli Loux shares a last name with Godfrey/Hoarah Loux, implying some sort of kinship. The nature of their relationship is unknown, but Kenneth Haight deems Nepheli to be of the "proper lineage", implying that she is either a daughter or descendant of Hoarah Loux.
  • Much of Godfrey's character shares ties with the mythical, Greek hero, Heracles. Godfrey possesses earthshattering strength, endured harsh trials to earn his godhood, slew the mightiest of the Giants, has a connection with lions through Sarosh, and he even enters a beserker state.