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As a Tarnished who wishes to stand before the Elden Ring and become Elden Lord, I am accumulating knowledge. To be all-knowing.

, Gideon Ofnir

Gideon Ofnir is the Tarnished leader of the Roundtable Hold and the adoptive father of Nepheli Loux. He's known for his thirst for knowledge and seeks the "lost" Great Runes of the Demigods. He grants the player information on the demigods, and rewards them with spells and items for discovering the lost Great Runes.


Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing is an aged Tarnished and the leader of the Roundtable Hold, a group of Tarnished following the guidance of the Two Fingers, hoping that one of their number might mend the Elden Ring and become Elden Lord. To this end, Gideon strove to become All-Knowing, gathering information on the Lands Between and its inhabitants, in particular the Demigod shard-bearers, who had claimed pieces of the shattered Elden Ring.

Gideon gathered many servants and followers around him, who acted as extensions of his will in the Lands Between. Two servants of note were his right-hand man Ensha and his adopted daughter Nepheli Loux, whom he took in after she lost the guidance of grace. Gideon became a very powerful individual, highly valued by the Two Fingers, who expected great things from him. He was once an associate of Preceptor Seluvis, but the two parted ways after Seluvis transformed Gideon's friend Dolores into a puppet.

In time, the Roundtable lost its glory, becoming little more than a refuge for wayward Tarnished, with ever fewer finding their way to Roundtable Hold. At some point, Gideon managed to glimpse the true will of the imprisoned Queen Marika, and shuddered from what he learned. While ostensibly still seeking to become Elden Lord, Gideon in truth lost faith in the Two Fingers, and grew to believe that they had long since lost their purpose.

When a Tarnished champion made their way to the Roundtable Hold, Gideon welcomed them, bidding them to claim a Great Rune and receive the wisdom of the Two Fingers so that he might welcome them as a full member of the Roundtable. When the Tarnished champion succeeds, Gideon makes good on his promise, and shares information on the shard-bearers known to the Roundtable; General Radahn, Praetor Rykard, Morgott the Grace-Given, Queen Rennala and Godrick the Grafted.

Gideon sought to find a way to the Haligtree, where the demigod Miquella was said to be hidden. To that end, he sought a half of a secret medallion that would grant passage to the Haligtree. He sent his men to scour an Albinauric village in Liurnia, and killed the pet wolf of the Albinauric woman Latenna in the hopes of learning the location of the medallion, to no avail. When his adopted daughter Nepheli came upon the scene of the massacre, and expressed her doubts to Gideon, he disowned her, claiming he no longer had any use for her.

After the Tarnished champion received the medallion from an aged Albinauric hidden in the village, Ensha attempts to kill them in order to steal it. After Ensha is defeated and Gideon is confronted, he merely states that Ensha got ahead of himself, and offers his apologies, along with directing the Tarnished champion to seek Latenna.

While having disowned his daughter, and refusing to take action to save her should the Tarnished champion aid Seluvis in turning her into a puppet, he does attempt to convince the Tarnished to foil Seluvis' scheme and thanks them for eventually helping Nepheli find her purpose.

After the Tarnished champion defeats Morgott and finds the path into the Erdtree closed, Gideon guides them towards the Mountaintops of the Giants, where they might find flame to burn the Erdtree, allowing passage through its thorns. He bids them to take no heed of the Fingers' warnings that this is a cardinal sin. In addition, he asks the Tarnished champion to seek out the three remaining shard-bearers still hidden from the Roundtable; Miquella, Malenia the Severed and the Lord of Blood, promising to share his knowledge of lost rites and hidden treasures in return.

After the Tarnished champion finds the Haligtree, defeats Malenia, and then finds the Mohgwyn Palace, where the Lord of Blood has absconded with a dormant Miquella, Gideon declares this one of the last few pieces he needs to put everything together. When the Tarnished champion burns down the Erdtree, Gideon tells the Tarnished that he intends to stay at the Roundtable to learn all he can before it burns down.

Before the Tarnished can reach the Erdtree, they are confronted by Gideon. Gideon reveals that he believes Queen Marika wishes for the Tarnished to struggle for all eternity, as he believed that what he had glimpsed of her will; that she desired to die at the hands of a Tarnished, was impossible. He battles the Tarnished to the death, and dies stating that not even the Tarnished champion can kill a god such as Marika.

Boss Fight

Gideon is an NPC boss, capable of healing once using a Flask of Crimson Tears.

He is easily staggered and does not have much HP compared to other endgame bosses, however he has access to all of the game's most powerful spells and deals enough damage to two-shot most players.

(Not confirmed:) Which spells Gideon has access to during the fight seems to depend on which optional shardbearer bosses the player has defeated up until the encounter. Whether or not you inform Gideon of the other shardbearers in his Roundtable Hold dialogue options does not seem to make a difference.


  • Gideon used to know Seluvis well, up until Seluvis turned his friend, Dolores, into one of his puppets.