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The fallen leaves tell a story. Of how a Tarnished became Elden Lord.

- Narrator

Elden Ring features six total endings: Age of Fracture, Age of Order, Age of the Duskborn, Blessing of Despair, Age of the Stars and the Lord of Frenzied Flame.

The Age of Fracture is the simplest to obtain, only requiring The Tarnished to finish the game, while all others demand completion their respective side quests beforehand. The Age of Fracture, Age of Order, Age of the Duskborn and Blessing of Despair endings see The Tarnished rise as Marika's new Elden Lord of the Golden Order, mending the Elden Ring, and ushering in their new Age of choice to rule over. The Age of the Stars ending sees The Tarnished aid Ranni the Witch in ousting Marika and remaining at her side as Ranni's first Elden Lord. The Lord of Frenzied Flame ending, caused by the possession of the Frenzied Flame, overrides the possibility of any other ending. The Tarnished's disregards the notion of becoming Elden Lord becoming the Lord of Frenzied Flame instead and incinerating everything that came before.

For The Tarnished to separate themselves from the Frenzied Flame's influence after being inherited, they must aquire Miquella's Needle and follow its specific conditions of use. Once the Frenzied Flame is ridded, it can not be reclaimed in any way, preventing the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending.

List of Endings[]

Title Description Requirements
Age of Fracture

ER Icon Tool vision of grace

Legacy of Marika.

Inherit a fractured world and be the ruler of a new Age. Mend the Elden Ring as is, brandish it, and become Elden Lord.

Attempt to mend the Elden Ring to finish the game. *
Age of Order
ER Icon Key Item 3116
Legacy of Goldmask.

The Golden Order, perfected. Gods and demigods perturb order, and their fickleness is no better than that of men. With them out of the equation, the new Age of Order shall finally bring true Order to all.

Complete Goldmask's questline and use the Mending Rune of Perfect Order to finish the game. *
Age of the Duskborn
ER Icon Key Item Rune of Death
Legacy of the Prince of Death and Fia, Deathbed Companion.

Those Who Live in Death have as much right to life as the rest of the living. Make it a rule within Elden Ring itself and rule as Elden Lord in the Age of the Duskborn, where the Dead shall live along the living.

Complete Fia's questline and use the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince to finish the game. *
Blessing of Despair
ER Icon Key Item 3118
Legacy of the Dung Eater.

Everyone cursed, and every curse a blessing. Curse life itself; the world's children, grandchildren, and every generation hence, will be its pustules. The reviled curse, eternal.

Complete the Dung Eater's questline and use the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse to finish the game. *
Age of the Stars

ER Icon Key Item Miniature Ranni

Legacy of Ranni the Witch.

Under the wisdom of the Moon, the Elden Lord will take a thousand year voyage into the chill night alongside Consort Ranni. Even if life and souls are one with the order, it will be out of sight, emotion, faith, and touch.

Complete Ranni's questline and touch her blue summon sign near Marika's statue to finish the game. *
Lord of
Frenzied Flame

ER Icon weapon Frenzied Flame Seal
Legacy of Shabriri and the Three Fingers.

As the Lord of Frenzied Flame, all life shall burn. Burn all that divides and distinguishes. May chaos take the world!

Visit the Three Fingers to inherit the Frenzied Flame, then finish the game without using Miquella's Needle.
* You cannot access this ending if you possess the Frenzied Flame.

Ending Explanations[]

Age of Fracture[]

The Tarnished becomes Elden Lord, fulfilling the Two Fingers's plans of using the Tarnished to restore the sense of stability not felt since the Elden Ring was shattered. The Golden Order remains in the truest state possible to what it once was and the status quo is restored.

Age of Order[]

The Tarnished becomes Elden Lord, fulfilling Goldmask's idea of a "Perfect" Golden Order, based upon his research into how it had fallen to its current state. Zealotry and fundamentalism is done away with. All will be judged equally under the law.

Age of the Duskborn[]

The Tarnished becomes Elden Lord, allowing Fia to lie with Godwyn the Golden. Those Who Live in Death gain protection from the persecution by the fundamentalists of the Golden Order.

Blessing of Despair[]

The Tarnished becomes Elden Lord, fulfilling the Dung Eater's twisted vision of a cursed world where everything suffers. All will become cursed, thus none can be scorned, which despite its radicalism, does bring order back to the Lands Between.

Age of the Stars[]

The Tarnished helps Ranni fulfil her vision of a Lands Between without the Golden Order by allowing her to replace Marika in godhood. The Tarnished becomes Ranni's consort and effective Elden Lord instead. Destined Death is restored and the influence of the Greater Will on the world is removed.

Lord of Frenzied Flame[]

Rather than become Elden Lord, The Tarnished becomes the Lord of Frenzied Flame, fulfilling the machinations of Shabriri, and the Three Fingers's will. The Tarnished is left almost completely alone, the Frenzied Flame rapidly consuming everything in existence.

If Melina was not sacrificed, she is seen vowing to hunt down and kill The Tarnished for not heeding her earlier warnings.

Choosing an Ending[]

After the final boss is slain, they will return alone to a room with Marika's statue and a Grace. Ranni's summon sign will also appear on the ground close by to the Marika's statue, if Ranni's questline has been completed. The Tarnished will now have the option to choose their ending by interacting with Marika's statue, or, if present, Ranni's summon sign. If The Tarnished possesses the Frenzied Flame, Ranni's summon sign will not appear unless the Frenzied Flame is ridden by Miquella's Needle. In this case, the only option will be to interact with Marika's statue, and the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending will automatically begin, offering no alternative choice at all.

Interacting with Marika's statue without the Frenzied Flame will allow The Tarnished to choose from one of three possible mending runes to repair the Elden Ring that can obtained during their adventures. Once the respective rune has been chosen, the Age of Order, Age of the Duskborn, or Blessing of Despair ending will begin. A fourth option to "Mend the Elden Ring" without a rune is always available, and if chosen, results in the Age of Fracture ending.

If present, interacting with the Ranni's summon sign, instead of Marika's statue, will begin the Age of the Stars ending.

In all cases, the nearby Grace can be used to teleport anywhere else and return later, allowing the ending to be postponed and play to continue.

To begin a New Game+, an ending must be chosen. To then do so, after the end credits, select "Begin Journey X" or later at the Roundtable Hold Grace if New Game+ is not originally selected.




  • There is an unnamed cut ending associated with Miquella, where at some point Miquella was supposed to say to the Tarnished, “If thou covetest the throne, Impress my vision upon thine heart. In the new world of thy making, all things will flourish, whether graceful, or malign.”  The word “malign” is not an accurate translation of the Japanese text, which literally says “not-so-graceful”. Based on the original Japanese text, Miquella may be envisioning a new world where both the graceful and the not-so-graceful (like the unwanted Albinaurics and Misbegotten) would flourish.
  • The Lord of Frenzied Flame ending has an additional bonus ending cutscene if Melina was not sacrificed as a maiden. It shows her happen upon the burned Spectral Steed Whistle in the ashen ground and state that she will now follow through with her warning to kill The Tarnished for becoming the Lord of Frenzied Flame. If Melina was sacrificed and The Tarnished became the Lord of Frenzied Flame afterwards, the bonus cutscene will simply not play.
  • The game's English translation of dialogue for the Age of the Stars ending is argued by some as easily misinterpreted and a more literal translation of the Japanese dialogue should be considered.