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Let's give them a show to remember, eh. Just don't you go dying on me. For Ranni's sake too.

- Blaidd to the Tarnished, during the Festival of Radahn.

Blaidd the Half-Wolf is an NPC in Elden Ring. He is a half-wolf warrior in service to Lunar Princess Ranni and serves as her faithful shadow.


Blaidd was created by Ranni's own Two Fingers as a vassal to Lunar Princess Ranni and to be incapable of treachery towards her, as she was one of the three Empyreans candidates chosen by the Greater Will, along with Miquella and Malenia, to eventually replace their mother Queen Marika the Eternal as the God of a new age. However, the Two Fingers also created a failsafe within Blaidd that was unknown to him; that if Ranni should ever deny the destiny set out for her by the Greater Will and rebel against it, the loyal shadow would slowly descend into madness, which would inevitably pose a threat to Ranni herself.

Starting Blaidd's Quest

After hearing howling in Mistwood, go talk to Kalé who'll then give the Finger Snap gesture and notes to use it below the highest point at Mistwood Ruins to call Blaidd out.

After doing so, Blaidd will appear and inform you he's trying to find a man named Darriwil and to let him know if you find him. If you haven't already killed Darriwil, head out to the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in western Limgrave and enter it, where you can then summon Blaidd to assist in the fight. After the fight (or after meeting him if Darriwil was already killed) talk to Blaidd and he'll give a Somber Smithing Stone [2]. Talking to him a second time will have him tell you of a blacksmith along the road to the manor in Liurnia, and instructs you to say that "Blaidd sent them".

Role in the events of Elden Ring

The Tarnished first encounters Blaidd at the Mistwood Ruins within Limgrave after having spoken to Kalé who informs him of the half-wolf's location and how to summon him. The half-wolf initially expresses annoyance towards Kale for telling a stranger how to summon him, but introduces himself to the Tarnished nonetheless. He informs them that he is searching for Bloodhound Knight named Darriwil, who he heard was hiding somewhere in the area. The half-wolf promises the Tarnished a reward if he can find any information that could lead to Darriwil whom he bitterly refers to as a traitor in need of a fitting end.

Blaidd can later be summoned by the Tarnished once they enter the Forlorn Hound Evergaol, the hiding place of Darriwil. Once summoned the half-wolf will remark to Darriwil that rotting in a cell is no true justice and he is here to bring a proper end to him, before engaging in battle with the Bloodhount Knight alongside the Tarnished. Once Darriwil is defeated, Blaidd will comment on the difficulty of the fight and how he's glad its done. He then gives the Tarnished a Somber Smithing Stone (2) for their help in locating his foe, telling them to never say he's not a man of his word. The half-wolf then informs the Tarnished that should they ever venture north past the Raya Lucaria Academy and find an old blacksmith a little on the large side, then they should tell him that Blaidd sent them and he will be sure to treat the Tarnished right. Blaidd then thanks the Tarnished again, telling them he owes them one, before leaving the area.

Blaidd is next encountered by the Tarnished after they have found Ranni's Rise and pledged their service to the Lunar Princess. Heading to the lower floor of the tower, the Tarnished encounters a magical vision of Blaidd who greets them as a friend and remarks that he is glad they decided to enter the service of Ranni. The half-wolf then informs them that he is still currently in Limgrave searching for a way into Nokron the Eternal City in order to retrieve the secret within that Ranni requested.

The Tarnished then encounters Blaidd within the Siofra Riverbank. The half-wolf remarks that its good to see the Tarnished, but informs them that he has made no progress into finding a way into the city of Nokron which sits above the Siofra River, saying all the magical gateways within the area have not revealed a way in. Blaidd then bitterly remarks how it might be better to ask Seluvis if he knows a way in, as he recalls the sorcerer acting like he knew something of Nokron that Blaidd did not out of petty spite. The half-wolf then jests aloud how he might just go and show Seluvis just how sharp his teeth are in order to get him talking, before informing the Tarnished how he'd never actually go that far. He then informs the Tarnished that he's still going to continue looking around the area and asks that they tell him if they learn anything helpful.

The Tanrished can then inform Blaidd that the stars alter the fate of those born to the Carian Royal Family, of which Ranni is a part of being the daughter of Rennala and that General Radahn is currently holding the stars in stasis despite his corruption from the Scarlet Rot. Blaidd remarks that he heard that Radahn is holding a festival in the east of Caelid. He then tells the Tarnished he will head over to Caelid to attend this festival and he hopes to see them there as well, commenting happily that the way ahead is nothing but fighting, something he considers pleasingly simple.

The half-wolf then journeys over to Castle Redmane in east Caelid, where the Radahn Festival is being held. He will then greet the Tarnished, jokingly remarking that they took their sweet time getting over to the keep. Blaidd then informs them that all the warriors who wish to fight Radahn are present alongside them and how the fight is soon to start. Gleefully he comments how the battle will be fun and that they should give the spectators a show they won't forget, but also request that the Tarnished not go dying on him during the battle, both for his and Ranni's sake.

After defeating General Radahn, Blaidd reveals his enjoyment of the battle and how the glory of the fight was shared mainly between the Tarnished and Radahn. The half-wolf then notes that the star that fell opened up the way to Nokron. Excitedly he tells the Tarnished he will see them there before departing. However, during the journey he was intercepted by Iji. The old smith told the half-wolf that he would bring nothing but ruin Ranni if he stayed by her side and so trapped him in the same Evergaol he and the Tarnished had fought Darriwil in before. However, the Tarnished came across the Evergaol again by chance and heard Blaidd's howling come from inside. Relieved to see them, Blaidd informed them that Iji trapped him in the Evergaol and expressed confusion as to why he would ever think he would bring harm to Ranni, as he had sworn to serve her even against his own destiny as a vassal created by the Two Fingers. The Tarnished then frees him, upon which he thanks them. The half-wolf then informs them he is going to see Ranni and make sure she is safe.

The Tarnished then questions Iji why they trapped Blaidd in the Evergaol and the old smith mournfully informs them of Blaidds inevitable fate as a creation of the Two Fingers. Should he refuse to carry out the wishes of the Greater Will, Blaidd will inevitably descend into madness. Believing that Blaidd's thoughts and loyalty to Ranni mattered not in the face of this reality, Iji decided to trap him within the Evergaol instead of killing him outright, as he was still his dear friend.

The half-wolf then return's to Ranni's tower, where he finds a large number of Black Knife assassins waiting, most likely in an attempt to kill her. Blaidd then proceeds to slaughter them all in a mad rage. The Tarnished then returns to the tower themselves, to find a maddened Blaidd kneeling among the assassin's corpses, professing aloud how he could never betray Ranni, no matter what happens as he is part of her very being. However, due to his madness he no longer recognises the Tarnished and attacks them. The Tarnished regretfully slays him out of mercy, ending Blaidd's torment.


  • During Ranni's questline, the Tarnished will come across a Baleful Shadow, one of the assassins sent after Ranni by her Two Fingers. This Shadow takes the form of Blaidd, although it is not actually him.
  • Interestingly, near Ranni's Rise a corpse can be found which holds a mask that is nearly identical to Blaidd's head. Whether or not this mask belonged to the Baleful Shadow assassin encountered in Nokron by Ranni and the Tarnished, or if it belonged to another assassin who had tried to disguise themselves as Blaidd in order to get close to Ranni before the events of the game, is unknown.